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Welcome to AEi Systems

Analysis is critical to product performance, quality, and reliability. There are many reasons to perform it.

You know you need to do more analysis. But there's never enough time, money, resources, or schedule. Let AEi Systems solve your analysis problems.

AEi Systems offer engineering services such as:

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AEi Systems' engineers are the best way for your company to get Worst Case and Reliability analyses done ASAP and right, the FIRST time!

While many companies perform WCCA and Stress analyses in-house there are many reasons why our customers have found AEi Systems to be a better solution.

We are Faster

  • We have historical Parts Variability databases along with radiation and aging data. We have data that is hard to find. In addition, we have our own in-house testing facilities.

  • We are the world’s leading expert in SPICE modeling and have many of the SPICE models already built for commonly used SPACE parts. AEi Systems is the company that makes models for TI/Webench, Linear Technology and many others. We have proprietary agreements and can get data others can’t.

  • We have created our own proprietary software to greatly speed up Sensitivity, Signal Integrity, and Stress & Derating analyses.

  • Analysis is never done by a single person. It’s always done by a team with analysis done in parallel by experts in key WCCA disciplines (Tolerances, SPICE, Test, Mathematics, Simulation, etc.)

We are More Accurate and Rigorous

  • Analysis is what we do. It is our core competency and we do it every day. We have been doing WCCA for over 20 years and count as our repeat customers top-tier players such as Boeing, Aeroflex, Lockheed Martin, Space Systems Loral, Seakr, Honeywell, Ball Aerospace and many others.

  • Our staff has decades of satellite/aerospace experience in SPACE based power systems, RF, and digital designs.

  • Less is missed the first time, saving you iterations and schedule.

  • We help FIX the findings and issues we discover.

We are Independent

  • Let’s face it. Companies, programs, and engineers have biases. Schedule, time, and corporate pressures force a biased result. The design suffers. Independence is key to preserving the checks and balances that make WCCA valuable.

  • Because of our efficiency we can do more in the time and budget allotted. You end up with more findings caught and fixed.

Together these give AEi Systems a tremendous time and cost advantage compared with other resources. They give you a better product and an analysis done more quickly and at a lower overall cost.

We are happy to work in conjunction with in-house resources, as a parallel asset, and within your budget. If you think we can benefit your company or program please do give us a call.



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