What is Power Integrity Analysis and Why is it so Critical? 

AEi Offers Power Integrity Analysis as a service. Using your boards files, we analyze the design, creating all the necessary VRM, decoupling capacitors, bead, and PDN (power distribution network) impedence models. We generate the PDN impedance and assess regulator Noise and dynamic transient performance.


  • Identify power distribution problems early
  • Reduce prototype and production board spins
  • Identify difficult-to-troubleshoot PCB problems
  • Improve Memory, FPGA and High-Speed Circuitry Reliability
Sample Power Integrity Reports
  1. PDN Assessment
  2. 3.3V and 1.5V (RH3845/RHFL4913) RTAX Power Rail Analysis

Why do you need to simulate?

  • Impedance profile impacts regulation margins - Must be flat!
  • Decoupling is not intuitive - Value selection complex
  • Need to take the PCB into account
  • Capacitor and Via placement is critical
  • The VRM impedance impacts the PDN - VRM, Plane, and IC all interact
  • Need to understand crosstalk and plane noise propagation
  • Rules of Thumb are insufficient
  • Part Tolerances DRAMATICALLY impact PDN Impedance Resonances
  • Test is expensive and often impractical - Especially if there is no hardware

Power Integrity Analysis
From AEi Systems
  • PDN ANALYSIS, Simulation and Testing Expertise and Support
  • VRM and Decoupling Measurement, MODELING, and Optimization
  • TAGET IMPEDANCE Assessment
  • Support for ADS and Mentor Tools and Flows
  • Support for TESTING using state of the art Instruments and Probes

2017 Space Power Workshop presentation about the lack of awareness of Power Integrity problems, issues, and risks to mission assurance. 

Power Integrity (‘PI’) is a hot topic in the commercial electronics world. Many hi-reliability industries have focused on the “PI ecosystem” and its impact on high performance circuit designs. The power integrity ecosystem is comprised of best design practices, measurement, modeling, co-simulation using EM techniques, WCCA, and proper test & measurement training. So it’s not surprising that power integrity is a critical technology for Space applications. However, it is often surprising how little attention power integrity is given in high speed digital applications. 

Good power integrity is required to assure that the appropriate power is delivered to high speed devices, such as FPGAs and DDR memory, as well as SERDES transceivers and data clocks, just to name a few. 

The space community and both power IC and high speed digital parts suppliers have been slow to recognize the importance and ramifications of this critical area of design technology, its implementation, and its assessment, often extracting a huge price on system performance and system reliability. This video serves as an introduction to Power Integrity and why it can no longer be ignored. 


Power Integrity Videos

How to Design For Power Integrity

Troubleshooting Distributed Power Systems

Reducing Noise in PDN on Time and In Budget

Keysight - How to Design YouTube Video Series

For more information and Videos on Power Integrity, CLICK HERE.

     Cheaper than in-house resources 

  • Our full-time team of top engineers with focused backgrounds in reliability, design, WCCA, and test has all the required core competencies to perform with great efficiency.
  • We have a significant number of SPICE models already made. We have Parts Variability Databases. We have Radiation Data. Even if you have in-house resources, dealing with models and tolerances can take a significant amount of time. AEi Systems puts the money and time savings in your pocket as we do not charge extra for this valuable IP
  • Analysis is all we do; Keep your in-house designers doing what they do best.

    Faster than in-house resources - ready to go 

  • Our proprietary software tools, library of proven SPICE models, and our 20 years of analytical engineering experience keep your team ahead of schedule
  • No bias - We introduce "checks and balances" to your design process/SDRLs

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