Radiation Analysis

AEi Systems performs radiation effects analyses for space, avionics, and ground systems, including ICs and all types of circuit applications.

Analysis Capabilities include:

TID Impact- Total ionized dose degradation of semiconductor devices and different types of materials results from a low and steady flux of energetic electrons and protons that exists in the natural space environment. The results can also be used as inputs to a worst case analysis.

PD Impact- Prompt dose effects in semiconductor devices and circuits are the result of a flash x-ray (FXR) or a burst of energetic electrons. Such a pulse can induce logic upset, or can induce latch-up or burnout in some semiconductor devices.

DD Impact- Displacement damage in semiconductor devices is caused by exposure to a large flux of protons or neutrons. Protons or neutrons interact with the atomic structure of semiconductor devices, displacing them and causing electrical parameter degradation. A high dose of neutron flux is generated by a nuclear detonation.

SEE Assessment Table- Single event effects in semiconductor devices are caused by energetic cosmic ray and solar flare particles. These particles are energetic ions and protons that exist in the natural space environment. Some effects are catastrophic and others can cause functional upsets or failures.

SEU/SET Duration, Rate and Impact - Single Event Upset and Single Event Transients – Once the upset time is computed AEi Systems brings its circuit modeling capabilities to bear, enabling us to simulate the impact of the upset on the circuit’s functional performance.

Derating Guidelines- performance degradation as a function of dose and/or displacement levels, end-of-life performance including allowance for aging and temperature effects.

Hardness Assurance Plans- Tailored to program requirements and current MIL specs.

Radiation Report Available for Review

LM124 Quad Op-amp, LM139 Quad Comparator, LP2953 Regulator, REF02A Reference, and 53124 / 53111 Solid-State Relays

This report is typical of the radiation analyses required by most Space programs. It includes analyses for SEE, SEL, SET Rate, SEU Simulations, and TID and Displacement Damage assessments for various types of components.

Our experts have worked in the radiation effects industry for over 25 years supporting major aerospace companies, and have extensive experience in radiation effects on space and ground systems.

Getting a Quotation

To provide a fixed firm quotation for an Radiation analysis, please forward a Bill of Materials (“BOM”).

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