AEi Systems has developed hundreds of simulation models for discrete semiconductors, RF devices, power electronics, magnetic cores, regulators, and dozens of other types of devices. If SPICE or ADS can simulate it, AEi Systems can develop an efficient model that provides the accuracy and performance you require.

AEi Systems is the world's leading source for accurate simulation models.

If you have any questions about our Modeling and Simulation Services or you are interested in having AEi Systems develop an ADS, Simplis, or SPICE (PSpice, HSPICE, LTspice, SIMetrix) model for you please contact AEi Systems via email at, or by phone at 1-702-625-0568.

"AEi Systems' models provide exceptional results. Their models correlate consistently with our hardware!"
- L.J., ON Semiconductor

Modeling & Simulation


• Component, Circuit, System Level

• VRM and Power IC Models
• Decoupling Capacitors for PDN, Bulk Capacitors
• Analog/Power/Linear ICs

• Discrete Semiconductors

• Diodes, Zeners, Varistors

• Power MOSFETs, SCRs, Triacs, IGBTs, SIC, GaN

• IBIS Models

• Magnetics, Sensors

• Transformers, Inductors, Capacitors

• Thermo-Electric Coolers

• Mechanical and Solid-State Relays

Click here for a List of Parts AEi Systems has modeled.

Recent AEi Systems Modeling Clients

• Analog Devices/Linear Technology
• Texas Instruments/National Semiconductor
• Central Semiconductor
• Cobham/Aeroflex
• Everlight
• International Rectifier
• Microsemi
• Micrel
• Micropac
• M.S. Kennedy
• ON Semiconductor
• Renesas/Intersil
• Samsung
• Vishay
• Cadence -
• Intusoft