Stress & Derating Analysis

A stress and derating analysis is a detailed accounting of the applicable voltage, current power and thermal stress on each individual component within a device or system. Both nominal and worst case end of life stress calculations are made, with the worst case results using EOL component tolerances, worst case environment, and worst case operating conditions (input and loading). Transient stress conditions such as startup, current limit, short circuit, and other fault conditions are also sometimes assessed.

The calculated quantities are compared against a set of derated component ratings. The nominal stress ratios (nominal value/rating) are computed for use in the Reliability (MTBF) analysis. The derated stress ratios are also computed.

Most failures in a device or system are a direct result of subjecting components to some sort of overstress condition. This analysis is typically performed by hand, and summarized in a spreadsheet format. SPICE models or other mathematical models may be used to determine the applicable stress.

A single over-stressed component can cost your company millions of dollars. A thorough Stress & Derating Analysis can prevent this from happening.

If you are going to perform one analysis to improve the reliability of your system, it should be a Stress & Derating analysis.

Stress Guides Supported:

● LMCO - N2.3.5-T3-ElecEng-3.8, 817AY007502
● SMC Standard SMC-S-010
● ECSS-Q-ST-30-11C
● EEE-INST-002
● MIL-Handbook-1547A/MIL-Std-1547B
● MIL-STD-975M
● MIL-P-11268

Here is a link to a sample Stress & Derating analysis report.

Example Stress Analysis

Getting a Quotation

In order to provide a firm fixed quotation for a Stress & Derating Analysis, we will need to see a schematic of the design, a parts list (BOM), and a specification, if one exists.

Please let us know if a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) needs to be put into place. If so, please forward a Mutual NDA Form in MS Word Format to AEi Systems can also send its mutual form to you if that is preferred.

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AEi Systems has developed specialized software to automated many of the tedious and time consuming tasks associated with stress analysis - BOM Read-in, Ratings and Deratings Look-up (with support for EEE-Inst-002, RIAC, TOR, NAVSOP, LMCO Command Media, 1547 and others), MathCAD integration, Stress sheet compilation and Hyperlynx/PCB layout based performance assessment - The result, stress assessments can now be performed much more quickly and accurately than ever before.