AEi Systems is a unique place to work. There is no other company like AEi Systems. We are the world leaders in Worst Case Circuit Analysis of high reliability systems and have been for over 20 years. We have a talented staff with specialized skills, an unmatched wealth of historical knowledge, and custom developed in-house resources that allow us to perform like no other company can in this discipline.

Performing WCCA as an engineering service is a unique, challenging, and rewarding activity.

These positions are for top hands-on engineers, experienced in the analysis of power, linear, digital and RF circuits, who want to work on the latest satellite, space, medical, and automotive projects.

If you would like to work and learn here, please see below, and if qualified, we would be pleased to have you join our team.

Job Overview

All candidates must have STRONG analog or digital circuit analysis skills and knowledge of basic circuit operation. You will be performing analysis of cutting edge existing and developing designs. You will use your knowledge, your experiences, and analysis tools and techniques to find, document and fix issues. Unlike the usual multi-month design jobs, this is a job like no other, where you will get to analyze a lot of circuitry in short time-frames.

Digital Signal/Power Integrity Analysis Engineer

Minimum Qualifications
Electrical Engineering Candidates MUST have significant experience in the following areas:

• Worst-Case Circuit Analysis of Digital Circuits (Board Level, ASIC operation and development knowledge is not necessary)

• Analyses: Signal Integrity, Decoupling, SSO Noise, IR Drop, Interface Compatibility, Power Sequencing, Timing, Power Integrity, Clocks

• Hyperlynx SI and Power Integrity knowledge a MUST!

• Knowledge of Board level interfaces: Memory, LVDS, 1553, PCI, Ethernet, DVI, RS-232, etc.

• FPGA Operation (Rad-Hard RTAX, Virtex, RTG4, etc. preferred)

• IBIS Modeling

• Residency: Must be US Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card, Los Angeles CA or Denver CO preferred)

Preferred Qualifications--------------------------------

• Knowledge of High Speed Design and Digital Circuit Operation: DDR, Serdes, Other Memories and their Interfaces • Knowledge of Electronics used in SPACE and RAD-Hard Applications

• Past experience working at a SPACE Satellite manufacturer

• Proficient in Connector, Cable, IBIS, and SPICE Modeling

• Technical Writing Ability

Additional information -----------------------------------

• Residency: Must be US Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card)

• Salary: USD $70,000 – $200,000 Per Year

• Career Level Required: Mid-Level (> 3 Years) or Experienced (Non-Manager)

• Education Required: B.S.E.E Bachelor's Degree (Electrical Engineers only)

• Job Type: Employee or Contract

• Job Status: Full Time


AEi Systems is an equal opportunity employer. AEi Systems is NOT a recruiter. All qualified applicants considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or national origin. PRINICIPALS ONLY

Locations ----------------------------

California - Los Angeles
Colorado - DTC Area Preferred

Power, Linear & RF Engineers

Are you an Electrical Engineer experienced in any one or more of the following areas?

Power supply analysis

WCCA (worst case circuit analysis)

Linear, Digital, & Signal Integrity Analysis

SPICE or ADS Modeling

Are you dissatisfied with your pay or job responsibilities?

Are you dissatisfied with your work environment?

Senior and Mid-Level EEs: If you meet the above, and concentrate on CIRCUIT ANALYSIS, please apply. (We also have Junior EE positions. Junior engineers who have any of this background should apply today! GPA > 3.5 essential.)

Salary: USD 55,000 – 200,000 Per Year

Career Level Required: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree

Job Type: Employee/Contract/Intern

Job Status: Full Time

Work Status: Must be Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card)

Who Should Apply:

This is for top hands-on engineers, experienced in the analysis of power, linear, digital, and RF circuits, who want to work on satellite, space, medical, and automotive programs.

Advanced DC-DC converter and power background is strongly preferred.

RF Candidates -- ADS experience is strongly preferred

Signal Integrity Analysis experts - HyperLynx knowledge is strongly preferred.

All candidates must be a current hands-on user, proficient in SPICE simulation, analog device modeling, and Mathcad, and must be able to capture and simulate analog designs quickly and efficiently.

Advanced SPICE modeling ability on DC-DC converters and a power background a plus. 

Other requirements:



• Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

• Very good English writing skills A MUST!

• Excellent attention to detail

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