Out of Print No Longer! The popular book from AEi Systems CTO Steve Sandler is now available!
This month’s NEW WCCA BLOG addition on EDN.COM/Blogs discusses one of the main pitfalls associated with worst case analysis; FAILING TO DO A RIGOROUS JOB. Rigorousness comes in many forms. It may not be obvious where you are cutting corners and if those are the right cuts to make. Check it out to learn more.

The Blog looks at the challenges associated with performing Worst Case Circuit Analysis (WCCA). This analysis is critical to many high reliability applications including those in the Automotive, Space, Aerospace, and Medical fields. While its usage has been growing, even mandated by some industry requirements, the quality is often suspect. This blog focuses on a discussion of the skills, resources, and techniques required to properly perform a WCCA, as well as, some of the reasons why WCCA is challenging to get right.

In a reprint of Steve Sandler’s classic technical book, Switched-Mode PWM models and power supply simulation solutions are described in depth—with special attention paid to practical magnetic components. All common topologies are discussed, including linear, buck and flyback converters. Includes state space average SPICE model topologies. MORE INFORMATION…
So, stop the Hiring & Firing Cycle. AEi Systems takes on the WCCA schedule and cost risks with Fixed Firm Bids.

And unlike consultants, our independent analysis carries weight with your customers.

AEi Systems performs WCCA for Space and Automotive applications.

If you are in need of WCCA, Stress/Derating, or Radiation analysis, please contact us at 1-310-216-1144 or info@aeng.com.

Performing WCCA for the first time is not a trivial exercise. It is simply not for first-timers.

  • Need to Augment Your Team with more help

  • Running out time/schedule?

  • Don’t have the resources or experience to get the analysis completed on time?

  • Don’t fully understand the scope and what is expected?

  • Don’t have the models or confidence your internal resources can meet customer expectations?

If you are interested in learning how to perform WCCA, the best way to do that is work with AEi Systems on your first WCCA. The process will result in an analysis you can use as a guide for future efforts.

AEi Systems brings decades of WCCA experience to bear on finding problems in your circuitry. We highlight the worst case issues and provide the reporting your customers are looking for.

We help fix the issues we find and our WCCA passes muster with manufacturer review teams and industry standards.
Our pre-WCCA circuit design review identifies design issues and non-compliances BEFORE the worst case circuit analysis. The review eliminates design issues and highlights WCCA findings early on, so they can be fixed when there is time, saving you budget and schedule.

“The pre-WCCA design review is one of AEi Systems most valuable services.” --D.E., Ball Aerospace

“This is a great service. I will be recommending this to our subcontractors.” – R.M. Lockheed Martin
WCCA Articles – Learn about Analysis
SPICE Modeling App Notes – Sample Correlations
Testing – Best Practices, Stability, PSRR
Power Integrity – Sample Analyses/Reports, PDN Impedance
  • Our full-time team of top engineers with focused backgrounds in reliability, modeling, WCCA, and test has all the required core competencies to perform with great efficiency.

  • We have a significant number of SPICE models already made. We have Parts Variability Databases. We have Radiation Data. Even if you have in-house resources, dealing with models and tolerances can take a significant amount of time. AEi Systems puts the money and time savings in your pocket as we do not charge extra for this valuable IP

  • Analysis is all we do; Keep your in-house designers doing what they do best.
  • Our proprietary software tools, library of proven SPICE models, and our 20 years of analytical engineering experience keep your team ahead of schedule

  • No bias - We introduce "checks and balances" to your design process/SDRLs
How can we help you? Contact us for more specific information or a no-obligation quotation.
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