April 27, 2017: New Video - The Unfortunate State of Power Integrity in Space Systems
This video slideshow is from a recent presentation by Steve Sandler at the 2017 Space Power Workshop in Manhattan Beach, CA on April 27, 2017. The importance of power integrity cannot be underestimated.

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AEi Systems Releases Power Library 4.2 - Add Automotive Models
(January 4, 2017) – AEi Systems, the world leader in worst case circuit analysis (‘WCCA’) and SPICE modeling, has released version 4.2 of AEi Systems’ Power IC Model Library for the Cadence® PSpice® simulator. “We’ve spent over 1,000 man-hours testing, simulating, and optimizing the new models in this release,” said Charles Hymowitz, managing director at AEi Systems. “Overall we’ve invested about 17,000 hours creating and verifying the models in this library.”

4/21/2016: AEi Systems Gives Paper on DDR Regulators at Space Power Workshop
Steve Sandler will be presenting a paper on DDR Termination Regulators at the 2016 Space Power Workshop in Manhattan Beach CA.

The DDR termination regulator is the most complex regulator application to date, pushing the boundaries of performance with possibly insurmountable stability issues. In this presentation we’ll consider the linear termination regulator solution and the complexity of the stability issue. Using a custom developed DDR termination regulator measurement board, measurements are performed to show the non-linearity and stability issue as well as the complexity of determining the maximum voltage excursion. The paper will be given on Thursday April 21 at 8am, so please make plans to be there early.

The schedule of Presenters can be found here.

AEi Systems Releases RH1959 Switcher SPICE Model, Supports PDN Assessment for FPGAs
(9/13/2013) The newly released model is a state space average model capable of performing both transient (step load), as well as frequency domain (stability, PSRR) simulations. The model is correlated to the M.S. Kennedy MSK5059RH radiation hardened adjustable output voltage switching regulator EVM’s performance. Correlation data is available upon request.

Power Converter Solutions, How2Power
(2/1/2012) AEi Systems is pleased to announce its support of an exciting new publication, How2Power Today. This free monthly newsletter presents innovative design techniques and solutions for power conversion, in-depth reporting on power components, and updates on the power electronics jobs scene.

Power IC Model Library for Cadence PSpice, Ups LED and LED Driver Plus TI Listings in New Release 4.0; Now over 400 Models
(10/10/2011) EMA Design Automation™, a full-service provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions, and AEi Systems, a world leader in power electronics modeling and analysis, today announced the release of version 4.0 of AEi Systems’ Power IC Model Library for the Cadence® PSpice® simulator.

Linear Technology Teams with AEi Systems to Offer WCCA and SPICE Modeling
(9/20/2011) Linear Technology, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of high-performance analog integrated circuits, has signed and implemented a multiyear cooperation agreement and program with AEi Systems, the world leader in worst case circuit analysis (WCCA) and SPICE modeling.

AEi Systems Completes GPSIII Worst Case Circuit Analysis for PerkinElmer
(1/11/2011) AEi Systems, the world leader in worst case circuit analysis (WCCA), has completed electrical stress & derating, reliability, failure mode, and worst case circuit analyses for PerkinElmer’s Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard (RAFS), a critical portion of the GPS III satellite program. The RAFS passed its critical design review with the assistance of AEi Systems.

AEi Systems Logic Command™ Accelerates Logic Compatibility Analysis
(8/30/2010) Logic Command is a proprietary software tool that allows AEi Systems engineers performing design analysis to import circuit-design netlists and a bill of materials (BOM) file (as well as IBIS models, if desired, for any integrated circuits in the design). Logic Command takes into account individual device temperatures, aging, radiation, and operating condition tolerances, and also checks for any electrical design violations (including those related to logic voltage levels and stress) over the entire operational life and temperature range of the circuit.

AEi Systems Designing Power System for World’s Largest Particle Accelerator
(10/31/2007) AEi Systems, a world leader in power systems analysis and design, announced today that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN (the European Centre for Nuclear Research) near Geneva, Switzerland, has engaged AEi Systems to design and develop a radiation-hard power supply for CERN’s giant ATLAS particle detector. The LHC will be the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator when it begins anticipated operations in 2008.

AEi Systems Announces WCCA / Worst Case Analysis Training Workshops
(7/31/2007) AEi Systems' team of power electronics experts will present a new, specialized version of its two-day intensive course that focuses on the fundamentals and methodology of Worst Case Circuit Analysis. WCCA is used to improve reliability and assure that the product performance meets specifications throughout its entire life.

Boeing Recognizes AEi Systems Achievement on GPS IIF Clock Worst Case Circuit Analysis

Boeing Representatives with the AEi Systems Team

(5/16/2012) During 2012, representatives from Boeing visited AEi Systems’ offices in Los Angeles in order to recognize AEi Systems’ achievement with respect to its worst case circuit analyses assessment of Excelitas’ Rubidium Frequency Standard (RFS) atomic clock, a critical portion of the U.S. Air Force’s Global Positioning System (GPS IIF).

The Boeing-led team developing GPS IIF completed the program’s worst case assessment on Dec. 20, 2011, on schedule, and is now proceeding rapidly in the program’s manufacturing phase.

“AEi Systems is very pleased to have supported the GPS IIF team and performed the analysis, modeling, and testing of such an important piece of the GPSIIF satellite,” noted Charles Hymowitz, managing director of AEi Systems. “We are also pleased to continue our tradition of close cooperation with Excelitas, Boeing, and all other subcontractors involved with this exciting project and look forward to assisting on future versions of the GPS program.”

GPS IIF supports the current GPS II infrastructure, including position, navigation and timing services for more than 750 million users around the globe. The Excelitas designed and manufactured RFS is a critical portion of the GPSIIF program because GPS satellite technology is inherently dependent on the availability of an extremely accurate and highly stable onboard frequency source.

WCCA is performed to improve design reliability and to establish that a product’s performance has a design capable of meeting its specifications throughout its entire operational life. In addition to WCCA, AEi Systems specializes in circuit stress and derating analysis, failure mode effects criticality analysis (FMECA), reliability/mean time between failures (MTBF) analysis, and SPICE modeling, especially in the area of power systems and devices for applications in the medical, military, space, nuclear, and other industries where high reliability is required.

AEi Systems is the world leader in SPICE modeling; worst case, failure, and reliability analysis; and power systems analysis and design. Founded in 1995, AEi Systems has a hard-earned reputation for delivering its products and services on time, under budget, and to customer specifications, and serves nearly every significant IC and aerospace manufacturer and many of their customers.