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AEi Systems was established as Analytical Engineering in 1995 to support the Space market’s increasing demand for Worst Case analysis. Over time, AEi Systems' core strengths in circuit analysis, testing, and simulation allowed us to expand into all areas of reliability assessment.

Today, AEi Systems is the world leader in worst case circuit analysis, radiation and reliability analysis, SPICE modeling, and RF and power systems analysis, and serves nearly every significant IC and aerospace manufacturer (and many of their customers).

AEi Systems has a long tradition of attentive and responsive service. We are proud of our hard-earned reputation for delivering on time, under budget, and to customer specifications

Please contact us today to see how we can assist you with your time-sensitive, challenging and difficult projects.

AEi Systems Inc.
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Tel.: +1-702-625-0568

“AEi Systems’ Design Review saved us a great deal of money and design iterations by identifying EOL issues before PDR!”

- D.P. - Boeing

“AEi Systems enables us to save on costs by providing us with on-demand qualified professionals seasoned in circuit design and worst case analysis.”

- B.W. - Lockheed-Martin

“AEi Systems’ WCCA is the gold standard!”

- D.M. - Lockheed Martin.


“AEi Systems’ response time and experience helped put our project back on track.”

- M.M. - Hughes (Boeing)

“AEi Systems’ models provide exceptional results. Their models correlate consistently with our hardware!”

- L.J. - ON Semiconductor

“AEi Systems’ converter analysis meet or exceeds all of our expectations.”

- C.E. - Northrop Grumman

"AEi Systems’ models are a real treat and right on the button compared with our scope waveform bench tests. It is a delight to see identical wave forms on the scope and in the simulation. Excellent job thank you."

- A. Gray, Restech, NZ

“AEi Systems is an invaluable resource. The AEi Systems engineers quickly achieved expert-level knowledge of the design and operation of our high-performance space-qualified rubidium frequency standard and helped us close out all remaining component electrical stress and end-of-life circuit-stability design matters within the required deadlines.”

- J.V. - Excelitas

“AEi Systems met and exceeded our delivery timeframe and results expectations and was an asset throughout the entire critical design review process. With the dedicated effort of the AEi Systems team, we were able to meet our commitments to ITT, Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Air Force.”

- A.S. – Perkin-Elmer

“AEi Systems has proprietary relationships with nearly all of the top analog IC manufacturers. Those relationships give AEi access to the part characteristics needed to produce models with the accuracy our customers expect,”

- M.M. - EMA Design Automation