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8CLJQ045 - 8A 45V Schottky Rectifier, International Rectifier
53111 - 90VDC – 0.8A solid State Relay, Micropac
AD524S - Instrumentation Amplifier, Analog Devices
AD534T - Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier, Analog Devices
ISL6740 - Voltage Mode PWM Controller, Intersil
LP2953A - Low Dropout Regulator, National Semiconductor
SI4724CY - N-Channel Synchronous FET Driver, Vishay
TL431 - Adjustable Shunt Regulator, ON Semiconductor
MC33262 - MC33262 Power Factor Controller, ON Semiconductor
CS51220 - Feed Forward Voltage Mode PWM Controller, ON Semiconductor
CS5308 - Two-Phase Buck Controller, ON Semiconductor
UC3842 / UC3843 / UC3844 / UC3845 - PWM Controller Models, Texas Instruments
HA16163T - Synchronous Phase Shift Full-Bridge Control IC, 480 kHz, 48 V, 3.3 V, 100W Isolated power supply, Renesas

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