Requirements to run the models
in the AEi Systems Power IC Model Library for PSpice

Request a PSpice Library Quotation

PSpice Model Libraries (LIB files)

Symbols for every model in both MicroSim Schematics and OrCAD Capture

Many of the models have an associated application circuit schematic in both MicroSim Schematics and OrCAD Capture formats

The PSpice models have been tested in

• MicroSim Schematics version 8.0
• OrCAD Capture/PSpice version 15.9 or 16.x

Older and newer versions of MicroSim Schematics and OrCAD Capture should be able to run the models. However, some of the newer models (TI, etc.) are encrypted and can only be run with Capture 15.9 or greater.

Maintenance support is recommended as the models will be updated and the libraries will be augmented in the future. Requests for new models to be added to the library are gladly accepted.

Other SPICE Programs
For the most part, the models are made using standard PSpice constructs and built-in elements. They may run in other simulators that claim to be PSpice compatible.

AEi Systems supports conversion of the PSpice models to other syntaxes upon request. Please contact AEi Systems directly.

Models can be translated to other SPICE flavors for a nominal charge. The simulator MUST support the ability to use If-Then-Else behavioral constructs.

Important Note: Most of the National Semiconductor PSpice models and many of the Texas Instruments models can only be run in the latest version of OrCAD/PSpice (version 9.2 and above). Support for MicroSim Schematics is not generally available for the National models (LMxxxx). If this is an issue please contact AEi Systems directly.

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