AEi Systems announces the
New Power IC Model Library
for PSpice® and OrCAD® -- Now Version 4.4!

AEi Systems is now selling the Power IC Model Library for US$1995.00**. The list of models can be found here. This product is specially designed for the PSpice analog and mixed signal simulator. The Library now has over 1200 high fidelity models including dozens of hyper-accurate cycle-by-cycle transient models that individually cost between $1000 - $14,000 EACH to develop, all in one convenient place.

The new 4.4 update includes

  • Diodes, Zeners, LEDs, and FETs
  • References and Linear Regulators (RH117/RH137, RH1009/RH1021, ISL75051, LM4050)
  • Opamps and Comparators (RH1014, RH1498, ISL70218/9, LMP2012)
  • SIC Diodes
  • Ferrite Beads
  • LISNs
  • Tantalum Capacitors

The Power IC Model Library for PSpice also includes:

  • Phase shift, Voltage and current mode PWM controllers, Switching regulators, Motor controllers, Power factor correction, and Power MOSFET drivers
  • Popular parts: RH and ISL Opamps and references, UCC3895, xx117, UC384x, UC152x, UCC380x, LT124x, UC182x, UC1846, TL431, IR2110, UC1854
  • Linear ICs: AD813x Differential Amps, AD8333 Phase Shifter, AD8331 VGA, ADx36/x37 DC-RMS Converter
  • Nonlinear Magnetic Cores, Transformers, Opto-Couplers, MOVs
  • TI, Intersil, ON Semiconductor, Linear Technology, International Rectifier, Micrel, Vishay and more
  • Automotive EMC Transient Signal Generators (FMC1278/ISO 7637-2/ISO 76750-2)
  • Spark Gap, Fluorescent Tube and Dead Time Controllable FET Driver Models
  • Ford EMC transient sources (CI 210, 220, 221, 222, 230, 231, 250, 260 and 280)

Many models on part vendor web sites and that are included with EDA software packages are of poor quality and fidelity. They aren’t always vetted against test data or even their own data sheet. They aren’t always constructed to exhibit the key part characteristics designers anticipate they will have. They aren’t documented. They often give inaccurate results at extreme but valid operating conditions. AEi Systems maintains a much higher standard with respect to the models included in the package and the support provided.

Hard to Find Power IC Models
Texas Instruments, Renesas, International Rectifier, Analog Devices, TI, Vishay, Power Integrations, Micrel, and ON Semiconductor, are just some of the vendors represented. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers, Switching Regulators, Multi-phase controllers, PFCs, Integrated switch & boost controllers, hysteretic controllers, IC regulators, and models for other popular parts (FET drivers, opto-couplers, etc.) are included.

You can perform high-speed cycle-by-cycle simulation to show true large-signal performance, simulate current-mode control using the latest accurate modeling techniques; run CCM and DCM converter simulations; analyze control systems including loop gain, input filter design, and analysis; and measure power stage loss and perform stress analysis for all major components. In summary, you can simulate your entire power system.

PSpice in Version 16.x provides speed increases for complex power supply simulations
Some of the Power IC Model Library for PSpice’s newly-added models incorporate recent PSpice built-in component and building block advances -- advances that allow models to take full advantage of PSpice’s capabilities. The new version of PSpice also includes speed increases for simulation of math equations and “if-then-else” constructs that are used throughout the model library. This improvement results in speed increases of 10 to 40% for power supply simulations.

A Major Breakthrough
SMPS applications today are much more demanding than ever. Today's designs require increases in switching frequency, higher efficiency, and lower standby current. State space based models simply do not reveal many important nonlinear factors that influence these performance characteristics.

Nonlinear characteristics such as propagation delay, switching speed, drive capability, maximum duty cycle/current limits, and Startup phenomena are all accurately modeled. You can directly compare the performance of components from different vendors and analyze the effects of different implementations such as peak current mode control, hysteretic current control, low voltage, and low operating current, to name just a few.

The models utilize analog behavioral elements and special Boolean logic elements. Together they greatly reduce the model’s simulation runtime, an important factor in SMPS analysis. Most simulations run in just a few minutes.

The library includes example application circuits for most of the IC models. Symbols, libraries, and schematic sets are available for both MicroSim Schematics as well as OrCAD Capture.

Power IC Lib Brochure download.