Models and WCCA Support

AEi Systems and Linear Technology have teamed up to provide you with SPICE models and Worst Case Circuit Analysis Support for Linear Technology’s entire line of Rad-Hard products.

You can find a list of the Space Qualified Products here.

AEi Systems Model Listings

Shown below is a list of the Rad-Hard Linear Technology IC models that are now available to AEi Systems' current WCCA and SPICE (engineering services) customers. Click the link for the model you would like to request or to obtain further information on ways to purchase the models.

RH117 – Adjustable Regulator

RH1009 - 2.5V Shunt Reference

RH1021 - 7V/10V Shunt Reference

RH1021 - 5V Series Reference

RH1084 - 5A Positive Adjustable LDO

RH1085 - 3A Positive Adjustable LDO

RH1086 - 1.5A Positive Adjustable LDO

RH1185 - Neg. Adjustable LDO

RH137 - Negative Adjustable Regulator

RH1959 - 500kHz Switching POL up to 4.5A, Now Available!

RH3845 - Switcher, Coming Soon, please inquire

RH3080 - Adjustable 0.9A LDO

MSK5800 - Positive Adjustable Linear Regulator

MSK5810 - Positive Adjustable Linear Regulator

MSK5820 - Fixed Output LDO (1.5 1.8 1.9 2.5 2.8 3.3 or 5V)*

* Please specify which voltage(s) you would like in the "Comments" field after clicking.

Note: All models are accurate for 25°C and typical performance. Other part characteristics modeled, or not modeled, are documented in the supplied model documentation.

Each model is distributed with the PSpice model .LIB file, OrCAD .OLB symbol, sample applications circuit, and correlation data showing the simulation-bench performance comparison.

Please note: the Linear Technology LTxxxx models supplied with LTspice® software cannot be used for simulation of their Radiation-Hardened counterparts. For example, you cannot simulate an RH1573 with an LT1573. The actual parts are not identical, so many dynamic characteristics of the model (stability, step load, etc.) are not the same.

NEW! OPAMP Model Support

AEi Systems now offer SPICE models for RH Opamps.

RH101A – Opamp

RH6200A – Opamp

RH1498, RH1013/14, NOW Included in the Power IC Model Library! Please inquire for other models.

Model Support

AEi Systems is pleased to provide basic support for model usage for AEi Systems' current WCCA and SPICE customers. For questions relating to the OrCAD schematic tool or the PSpice simulator, please contact the provider of those tools, which is generally EMA-EDA or Cadence.

Support for Other Analog Simulation Syntaxes

AEi Systems can provide translations of the models for use with other simulators (ADS, LTspice, Simplis, etc.). Please contact us for pricing and options.

Do You Need Worst Case Analysis?

If you have a circuit using one or more of Linear Technology’s Rad-Hard devices and need a WCCA or other SDRL (e.g., Stress & Derating, FMECA, radiation analysis) , please contact AEi Systems for a quotation. There is no charge for initial consultations.

Please note that you cannot use LTspice models for worst case analyses. A valid worst case analysis requires that you take into account various IC model characteristics with end-of-life effects due to aging and radiation. LTspice models are encrypted, as are the models available for download on this page. Therefore, they cannot be toleranced. You can use the models on this page for nominal analyses. When you are at the point that you need a worst case circuit analysis (WCCA), AEi Systems can perform that analysis for you.

Sample WCCA Reports Available for Review

1.5V Output - MSK5820 (RH1573) Regulator WCCA

5.0V Output - MSK5972 (RH117) Regulator WCCA

1.8V Output - RH1086 Regulator WCCA

2.5V Output - RH1085 Regulator WCCA

3.3V Output - RH1084 Regulator WCCA

1.2V Output - RH3080 Regulator

This WCCA is typical of the analyses required by most space programs and is TOR compliant.

These WCCA reports are covered under ITAR regulations. A special license is required for foreign distribution. There is a $500 charge for the license. There is no charge if the recipient is a U.S. Citizen/Green Card holder and resides in the United States or U.S. territories.

It includes the analyses for stability, step load, conducted susceptibility, shutdown threshold, headroom, regulation, short circuit, over-current, and start-up.

Note: Linear Technology, LT, LTC, LTspice and are registered trademarks of Linear Technology Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.