OPAMP Models

AEi Systems has a new streamlined and accurate process for creating high fidelity SPICE Opamp models. These models are a cut above many models (Boyle, Model Editor) found on the web and in EDA software packages.

If you are interested, we support all simulator syntaxes (PSpice, LTSpice, ADS, Saber, etc.) Please let us know if we can support you in any way or quote a model for you.

Effects AEi Systems Opamp Models Emulate

AC Gain/Phase - Multiple Poles/Zeros from proprietary information
Input Common Mode Impedance
Input Differential Mode Impedance
Offsets and Biases versus Temperature
Offset Voltage Drift with temperature
AC Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
DC Common Mode Input Range
AC Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) versus Frequency
Closed Loop Output Impedance versus Frequency
Output Short Circuit Current versus Power Supply Voltage
Output Voltage Saturation versus Output Current
Slew Rate versus Temperature
Small/Large Signal Pulse Response
Quiescent Current versus Power Supply Voltage
Input Noise Voltage Density versus Frequency

Note: (All tests are at specific supply voltage, temperature and load current, unless otherwise noted)

Worst Case Models

AEi Systems can work with you to add worst case tolerances including temperature, aging, and radiation effects (BOL or EOL tolerances). In order for you to perform worst case circuit analysis.

Sample Opamp Models and Reports

NCS2006 SPICE Model - SPICE Model Sample
NCS2006 Report - Validation Report

How Do We Get the Data

● Usually vendor supplied - though we confirm the data sets
● In-house Testing - AEi Systems has its own lab with state-of-the-art test equipment

Customized Test Boards

● AEi Systems generally produces its own test boards since vendor supplied Evaluation Boards are generally inadequate for testing the high frequency aspects of opamp performance.

Support for Other SPICE and Analog Simulation Syntaxes

● AEi Systems can provide translations of these models to other simulators. Please contact AEi Systems for pricing and options. We support all SPICE syntaxes, ADS, Simplis, Saber/Mast, Eldo and others.