Shown below is a list of all the models that AEi Systems has created. Due to the proprietary nature of some of the models, not all of these models are included in the Power IC Model Library for PSpice.

PWM Controllers
UC1524 / UC1524A / UC1525 / UC1525A, High Speed
UC1823 / UC1824 / UC1825, High Speed
UC1842 / UC1843 / UC1844 / UC1845, Current Mode
UC1842A / UC1843A / UC1844A / UC1845A, Current Mode
UC3842B / UC3843B / UC3844B / UC3845B, Current Mode
UC1846, Current Mode
UC1524 / UC1525 / UC1527
LM1770, Synchronous Buck
LM3100, 1.5A Buck
LM2642 / LM5642, Dual Synchronous Buck
LT1242 / LT1243 / LT1244 / LT1245, High Speed
UCC3800 / UCC3801 / UCC3802 / UCC3803 / UCC3804 / UCC3805, BiCMOS Current-Mode
UCC3809-1 / UCC3809-2, Primary Controller
SI9145, Low-Voltage
NCP1400, Micropower
CS51220, Feed Forward
UC1806, Low Power Dual Output
ISL6225, Dual Mobile-Friendly
ISL6520a, Synchronous Buck
ISL6721, Single Ended
ISL6740, Flexible Double Ended

Power MOS Drivers
HIP2101, 100V - 2A
HIP2100, 100V - 2A
Si4724, N-Channel Synchronous
Sic710DD / Sic720DD, N-Channel Synchronous
Si4768 / Si4770, N-Channel Synchronous
HIP6601 / HIP6602, Synchronous-Rectified Buck
IR2110 / IR2110s, High and Low Side
TC426 / TC427 / TC428, Dual CMOS
MIC4416 / MIC4417, 1.2A-Peak Low-Side
MIC4420 / MIC4429, 6A-Peak Low-Side
MIC4421 / MIC4422, 9A-Peak Low-Side
MIC4421A / MIC4422A, 9A-Peak Low-Side
MIC4423 / MIC4424, 3A-Peak Low-Side
MIC4451 / MIC4452, 12A-Peak Low-Side
MIC4427, Dual 1.5A-Peak Low-Side
RIC7113, Rad-Hard, 400V high/low-side
UCC37324DGN, Low-side
LM2724, 3A Synchronous

Switching Regulators
LM2585 / LM2587 / LM2588, 3A/5A Flyback
LM2590HV / LM2598, 150 kHz 1A Step-Down
LM2592HV / LM2597HV, Power Converter 150 kHz 2A Step-Down
LM2596 / LM2599, Power Converter 150 kHz 3A Step-Down
LM2670 / LM2672 / LM2673 / LM2674 / LM2678
LM2696, 3A Buck
MC34063A, 1.5A, Step-Up/Down/Inverting
78s40, 1.5A
MC33063A / MC33163A, 1.5 A, Step-Up/Down/ Inverting
MC33363, High Voltage
MC34063, 3.4A, Step-Up/Down/Inverting
CS51411, 1.5A, 260kHz Low Voltage Buck
ML4863, Flyback
TNY256, Low Power Off-line
LM3477, High-Side N-Channel
LM3478 / LM3488, Low-Side N-Channel
LM5000, High Voltage Switch Mode
LM5007 / LM5008 / LM5010, High Voltage 80V Step Down
LM2731 / LM2733, 0.6/1.6 MHz High Efficiency Boost
LM2734, 1A Load Step-Down DC-DC
LM2743, Low Voltage N-Channel Synchronous
LM2831, 1.5A Load - Step-Down
LM5574 / LM5575 / LM5576, 75V, 3A Step-Down

Multi-Phase Controllers
CS5322, 2 Phase
CS5323, 3 Phase
CS5307 / CS5308, 4 Phase
IP2001, International Rectifier Multi-Phase
CS5155, 5-Bit Synchronous Buck
NCP1570 / NCP1571, Low Voltage Synchronous Buck
CS5165H, 5-Bit Synchronous Buck
HIP6301V, Multi-Phase Buck

Integrated Switch & Boost Controllers
CS5171 / CS5172 / CS5173 / CS5174, 1.5A 560kHz Boost
NCP1402 / NCP1403, 200mA, PFM Step-Up Micropower
NCP1410 / NCP1411, 250 mA Sync-Rect PFM Step-Up

Hysteretic Controllers
CS322 / CS324
NCP1000 / NCP1001 / NCP1002, Off Line
LM2729, Two-Phase Buck Controller for Mobile Pentiums
LM3485, PFET Buck

NCP1653, Continuous Conduction Mode PFC
UC3854 / UC3854B, High Power Factor Preregulator

IC Regulators & LDO
RH1085, RH1086
RH117 / LM117 / HS117RH / RH137
LM120 / LM140
MSK5800 / MSK5820

Other IC Models
UC1901, Isolated Feedback Generator
L4990 25W Off Line Autoranging Battery Charger
53xxx, Series Solid-State Relays
UC1871 / UC1872, Resonant Lamp Driver
UC1875 / UC1876, Phase Shift Resonant Controller
UCC2895 / UCC3895, BiCMOS Phase Shift PWM Controller
UC1637, Motor Controller
MC33161 / MC34161, Universal Voltage Monitor
LM2770, Step-Down Switched Capacitor Regulator
LM2788, Step-Down Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter
LM3557, Step-Up Converter for White LED Applications

Op-Amps and Other Linear
LM4562, Op-amp
AD8099, Unprecedented Low Noise High Speed Op-amp
AD8206, 42V System Difference Amplifier
AD8330, Variable Gain Amplifier
AD8331 / AD8332 / AD8334, Ultralow Noise Preamplifier and Programmable Rin
AD536A / AD636C / AD637H / AD736G / AD737F, True RMS to DC Converter
MC33501 / MC33502 / MC33503, 1V Rail-to-Rail
MC33201 / MC33202 / MC33204, Low Voltage Rail-to-Rail
AD524S, Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
AD534, Analog Multiplier
AD8137, 12-Bit Differential ADC Driver
AD8139, Fully Differential ADC Driver
LM4890, Boomer 1 Watt Audio Power Amplifier

Opto-Couplers and Isolators
CNY17F1 / CNY17F2 / CNY17F3 / CNY17F4, Hi-Rel 5300V
SFH615A / SFH610A, Hi-Rel 5300V
MOC8101 / MOC8107 / MOC8108, Hi-Rel 5300V