Hardware Design Solutions

AEi Systems is a worldwide leader in power system analysis and design. AEi Systems provides design and analysis of power conversion circuits for satellite systems and all commercial or military, ground-based and airborne, analog, digital and mixed-mode applications.

Our years of analysis work have led to our own development of space-worthy DC-to-DC power converters. AEi Systems's DC-to-DC converters bring our commitment to quality and durability to low-cost power systems hardware. Highly efficient units are available from 1W to 1.5kW ratings, with Space, military, commercial, and custom screening available.

AEi Systems Hardware Design Solutions

• Analog/Digital Circuits to Specification
• Complete Power Systems
• Magnetics Design
• EMI Filters
• Precision AC Power Sources

DC-to-DC Converters

• Low-Cost and High Reliability
• 1W to 1.5kW
• Single & Multiple Output
• MIL-STD 461 / 1547
• Rad-Hard
• High Efficiency / Low Noise

Compact, highly efficient DC to DC Converters are available in 1W to 1.5kW. Space, Military, Commercial, as well as Custom Screening are available.

We are continually expanding our standard product line, and we can address your project's custom design requirements.

Converter Features

• On/Off Command
• Power Good Status Output
• Multi-Level Voltage Controlled Soft Start
• Passive Overvoltage Protection
• Complete Worst Case Analysis Package
• -40°C to +85°C Operation
• 1.6" x 2.7" x 0.55" without EMI filter
• Low Ripple and Noise
• Light Weight (~ 70 Grams)
• Low Cost Design
• Easily Customized