Measuring, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Power-Related Parameters in Electronics Systems

by Steve Sandler

Power Integrity provides engineers with expert insight on selecting and implementing appropriate test equipment to effectively measure increasingly higher speed electronics. The book contains field-tested information related to the interpretation of results, common measurement issues and resolutions, and application examples. You’ll learn how to select the appropriate equipment and use effective techniques to reduce production problems, improve performance, and provide a figure of merit for comparing different parts and manufacturers.
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Reviewer’s Agree
"Power Integrity is a Must-Own Book for Power Supply and PDN Designers"

"His practical techniques in test and attention to details regarding pitfalls and guidance in correct and accurate methods are a sure path to success for engineers to ‘do it right’."

"Sandler’s emphasis to Test & Measurement (T&M) equipment developers to raise their awareness of the complex issues faced by design engineers on the bench and in the Test departments of companies around the globe is a wake-up call to many."

"For those of you who design and verify spacecraft subsystems and test satellite hardware, the book will serve as a useful reference…"

"For those of you who design and verify power supplies, I would highly recommend Steve's new book to ensure your designs are built and characterised correctly."

"I suspect that for engineers reading this book, there may be many surprises, as they discover the breadth of methods described by the author."

"I wish labs in universities would follow Sandler’s book…"

"…Sandler focuses upon the fact that power supply performance is so very much critical to every electronic design system in the industry."

"…Sandler focuses upon the best practices that he and his colleagues have used as “tried and true” methods to correctly represent the (PDN) performance of a circuit in an actual environment in which it will be used."

"This book would be sitting on my shelf as a designer years ago if it were available back then."

Modeling The Bipolar Transistor

by Ian Getreu

The book describes the bipolar transistor model and parameter measurement techniques for the SPICE circuit simulator. Originally published by Tektronix in 1974, this is a slightly modified revision republished in 2009 by the original author.

Switch-Mode Power Supply Simulation w/ PSpice and SPICE 3

by Steven M. Sandler

In a reprint of Steve Sandler’s classic technical book, PWM models and power supply simulation solutions are described in depth—with special attention paid to practical magnetic components. All common topologies are discussed, including linear, buck and flyback converters.

Practical guidance is given for EMI/FRI filtering and magnetics design and analysis. This book shows the correlation that is possible and proves that SPICE provides very accurate results if you start with an accurate model. Most of the book’s code (available to book purchasers) will run, unaltered, on all of popular SPICE versions, including PSPSICE, LTSpice and Tina.

Sometimes maligned, SPICE can provide very accurate results that correlate with real circuit operation if accurate models are used. As an internationally recognized power supply expert and zealot for improved power integrity, Steve Sandler’s classic Switched-Mode Power Supply Simulation is a valuable resource for any Engineer’s bookshelf.

Switch-Mode Power Supplies: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs

by Christophe Basso

"Switch Mode Power Supplies: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs" offers a theoretical study of power conversion in the DC-DC and AC-DC fields via a systematic equation-based approach. Then, capitalizing on the experience accumulated by the author, the book takes you by the hand and shows how SPICE can help you to design Flyback and Forward converters, as well as power factor correctors, all with real world examples that are a perfect complement to the AEi Systems Power IC Model Library for PSpice.

The CDROM found with the book contains some of the most popular demonstration versions of currently available simulation software. Some of the examples found in the book are made available in OrCAD, IsSpice and other formats such as MicroCap, TINA, Multisim, B2 Spice, and 5Spice. There are also demos for ICAPS, MicroCap, TINA, PSIM, and others.

SPICE Circuits Handbook

by Steven M. Sandler & Charles Hymowitz

The time it takes to run a simulation is orders of magnitude less than the time it takes to build the equivalent circuit on a breadboard. A simulation can be run through any number of environmental conditions with ease–conditions often unavailable or impractical to duplicate in a laboratory environment. Circuit stimulus and tolerances and their effect on the operation of the circuit can be easily evaluated. Still, there are limitations to the capabilities of SPICE and similar circuit simulators. While the sophistication of simulation increases, the hardware breadboard will still remain a necessary step in the design process. This book will aid the engineer in using SPICE simulation as a very powerful tool in the design process.

This book is a compilation of all various types of electronic circuits. Such compilations are not unusual; in fact, there are several excellent circuit encyclopedias on bookshelves. However, this book goes several steps further. Instead of simply presenting the circuit to the reader, it also provides a SPICE schematic and details about the equivalent hardware performance. The intricacies involved in developing an accurate SPICE model of the circuit are also included. This format benefits readers in numerous ways. First, it allows them to emulate the correlation techniques introduced in this book in order to make their own SPICE models accurately mimic the behavior of the hardware. Secondly, it allows them to clearly see where SPICE excels in its ability to represent real hardware performance.

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