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Los Angeles, California (November 6, 2014) – AEi Systems, the world leader in worst case circuit analysis (‘WCCA’) and SPICE modeling, has released a series of PSpice® models for Aeroflex, a Cobham Company’s, line of radiation-tolerant single and dual adjustable linear voltage regulators for military, aerospace, and high reliability space applications.

The models are available without charge on AEi Systems’ web site (

Available models include:
VRG8601/02, VRG8660/VRG8607/08, VRG8661/VRG8609/10, VRG8684/VRG8687/VRG8688, VRG8662/VRG8657/VRG8658, VRG8666/VRG8667/VRG8668, and VRG8663 (covering the RH117, RH137, RH1084, RH1086, RH1185, and RH3080 Linear Technology die).

Other combinations, such as models configured in dual configurations, are available upon request. Support for other SPICE syntaxes is also available upon request for a small fee.

The models emulate nominal (‘typical’) characteristics for critical functions such as stability and output impedance in the frequency domain, DC voltage regulation, and transient load step performance. The models are correlated with bench test data. A simulation-bench data correlation document is provided with each model along with the PSpice syntax model .LIB file, OrCAD .OLB symbol, and sample applications circuit. In several cases, sample worst case analyses are also available.

AEi Systems maintains worst case end-of-life (EOL) SPICE models with initial, temperature, aging, and radiation tolerances that can be used for Worst Case Circuit Analysis. Please inquire if you are interested in WCCA services or EOL models.

AEi Systems, Aeroflex, and Linear Technology continue to offer customers assistance for circuit design and analysis with respect to use of Linear’s radiation-hardened (RH) products in space and other radiation-hardened applications under a special 2011 teaming arrangement (

About Aeroflex

Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions – HiRel’s Aeroflex Plainview facility is a leading supplier of HiRel off-the-shelf Voltage Regulators, Analog Multiplexers (MUX), Resolver-to-Digital Converters (RDCs), Transceivers, and Pulse Width Modulators (PWMs) products for satellite, military and avionic applications. Other products offered are RF/Microwave devices, Battery Electronic Units (BEUs), DC/DC Converters and Chip on Board modules. Further information on the company and their products can be found at Aeroflex was acquired by Cobham plc in September 2014.

About Linear Technology

Linear Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: LLTC), a member of the S&P 500, has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad line of high performance analog integrated circuits for major companies worldwide for three decades. The Company’s products provide an essential bridge between our analog world and the digital electronics in communications, networking, industrial, automotive, computer, medical, instrumentation, consumer, and military and aerospace systems. Linear Technology produces power management, data conversion, signal conditioning, RF and interface ICs, and µModule® subsystems. For more information, visit

About AEi Systems

AEi Systems is a world leader in SPICE modeling, worst case, failure and reliability analysis, and power systems analysis and design. AEi Systems serves nearly every significant IC and aerospace manufacturer and many of their customers. AEi Systems' headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. For more information on AEi Systems, please contact the company at 310-216-1144 or visit the AEi Systems website at