AEi Systems has a new, super-fast, signal integrity analysis service for all types of digital circuitry, which is especially applicable to space and high-reliability applications.

There are a large number of issues for today’s electrical engineer to address. Edge speeds are increasing and digital complexities are growing, while SSO causes decoupling headaches and PDN issues cause performance anomalies. With such a large number of performance criteria to analyze, perceived ‘low risk’ items get skipped. However, it is in these very areas where unexpected issues may exist.

The bottom line is that analyzing only a few critical nets is no longer acceptable. However, thorough analysis is time consuming and cost prohibitive. How can you perform a complete, thorough analysis while remaining on schedule and on budget?

AEi Systems has the solution.

The “BOARD CHECKOUT” analysis is a 100% exhaustive evaluation of your board’s interconnect performance and functional operation under WORST CASE conditions. We make sure you meet specifications; we save you design and board iterations.

We perform the following analyses:
• Signal Integrity
• Crosstalk/Ground Plane Coupling
• DC Interface Compatibility
• Decoupling
• Power Sequencing
• Timing
• Power Integrity/PDN Analysis

See for more details.

AEi Systems performs these analyses much faster, cheaper, and more thoroughly than your normal in-house resources due to our proprietary Logic-Command™ software. For anyone other than AEi Systems, these analyses can take many man-months to perform. We perform a 100% check-out on every digital net. This results in findings that would likely never get caught in test. AEi Systems’ analysis DRAMATICALLY cuts down your turn-around time and allows you to find, evaluate, and correct non-compliances and problem areas before the hardware is due.

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