(March 5, 2018) – AEi Systems, the world leader in worst case circuit analysis (‘WCCA’) and SPICE modeling, has released version 4.3 of AEi Systems’ Power IC Model Library for the Cadence® PSpice® simulator. The updated library now has a full suite of EMC transient sources and loads used in automotive circuit analysis and WCCA including all of FORD’s FMC1278 requirements.

The sources are used in nominal and worst case simulations covering the potential environmental stresses and specifies tests and requirements required by Ford WCCA guidelines.

The latest library version adds test sources for automotive applications covering the ISO 76750, ISO 7637-2, and the FMC1278 standards for electromagnetic compatibility and environmental conditions for electrical and electronic components and subsystems. Models are included for CI220 (load dump), CI230A (power cycling), CI250 (voltage offset), and CI260A-E (voltage dropout), as well as, CI 210, 221, 222, 231, and 280 ESD simulations.

“This update marks a milestone in our efforts to support automotive worst case analysis” said Charles Hymowitz, managing director at AEi Systems. “Over the last few years we have seen a tremendous growth in the performance of WCCA by OEMs and all tiers in the supply chain. And the path to autonomous vehicles is placing an even greater emphasis on reliability.”

Previously most of the test waveforms were of poor fidelity or not implemented properly. “A substantial effort was employed to develop these models which have supported the analysis we do for our automotive WCCA customers. And now those performing their own WCCA can take advantage of these advanced subcircuit models.”

The FMC1278 requirements have been developed to assure compliance with present and anticipated regulations in addition to customer satisfaction regarding the EMC of vehicle E/E systems. FMC1278 is applicable for all 12 and 24 volt DC E/E components/subsystems that are planned for use on 2020 Ford vehicle programs and beyond. The related simulations are a key component of any WCCA performed for Ford and other manufacturers.

Version 4.3 of the Power IC Model Library has over 650 high fidelity and correlated simulation models for power electronic designs. It includes model netlists in PSpice syntax, schematic symbols for both Cadence OrCAD® Capture and legacy schematics, and a set of example application circuits for many of the IC models. The models are compatible with the latest OrCAD Capture version 17.x software.

New additions for version 4.3 of the Power IC Model Library include:

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