Los Angeles, CA (AUGUST 30, 2010) - AEi Systems, the world leader in worst case circuit analysis (WCCA), has added a significant enhancement to its Logic Compatibility circuit-analysis capabilities with the introduction of Logic Command™.

Logic Command is a proprietary software tool that allows AEi Systems engineers performing design analysis to import circuit-design netlists and a bill of materials (BOM) file (as well as IBIS models, if desired, for any integrated circuits in the design). Logic Command takes into account individual device temperatures, aging, radiation, and operating condition tolerances, and also checks for any electrical design violations (including those related to logic voltage levels and stress) over the entire operational life and temperature range of the circuit.

Benefits Program Managers with Schedules to Meet

This AEi Systems exclusive software is a breakthrough that allows AEi Systems engineers to focus in on customers’ most difficult worst-case logic compatibility analysis issues with significantly greater accuracy and efficiency than typical hand-calculation methodologies.

"Logic Command software allows us to analyze logic compatibility with greater ease and accuracy and, most importantly, to identify any non-compliances for our customers much earlier in their design cycles," said Charles Hymowitz, managing director of AEi Systems. "In short, our very time-sensitive customers will have a better opportunity to improve designs with confidence while avoiding unacceptable re-design and re-analysis delays and missed deadlines."

Logic compatibility analysis is just one element of a proper worst case circuit analysis. WCCA is used to improve design reliability and ensure that a product’s performance meets its specifications throughout its entire operational life. In addition to WCCA, AEi Systems specializes in stress and derating circuit analysis, failure mode effects criticality analysis (FMECA), reliability/mean time between failures (MTBF) analysis, and SPICE modeling, especially in the area of power systems and devices for applications in the medical, military, space, nuclear, and other industries where high reliability is required.

About AEi Systems

AEi Systems is the world leader in SPICE modeling; worst case, failure, and reliability analysis; and power systems analysis and design. Founded in 1995, AEi Systems has a hard-earned reputation for delivering its products and services on time, under budget, and to customer specifications, and serves nearly every significant IC and aerospace manufacturer and many of their customers.

AEi Systems’ headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. For more information, please contact AEi Systems at (310) 216-1144 or visit AEi Systems’ website at www.AEiSystems.com.

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