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Measuring, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Power-Related Parameters in Electronics Systems

The new textbook by
Steve Sandler, AEi Systems Founder and CTO

Power Integrity provides engineers with expert insight on selecting and implementing appropriate test equipment to effectively measure increasingly higher speed electronics. The book contains field-tested information related to the interpretation of results, common measurement issues and resolutions, and application examples. You’ll learn how to select the appropriate equipment and use effective techniques to reduce production problems, improve performance
and provide a figure of merit for comparing different parts and manufacturers.
  • Teaches how to properly assess electronics from a black box perspective with a minimally invasive approach
  • Covers measurement and troubleshooting techniques for EMI, a particular challenge in tablets and smartphones
  • Discusses the latest devices such as Enhancement Gallium Nitride on Silicon (eGaN)
  • Learn how to make accurate and high fidelity measurements with confidence
  • Learn about all the key measurements necessary to test your power systems
  • Gain confidence in your test procedures
  • Learn which test is the right one to perform
  • Learn about equipment and test setup limitations and how to address them
  • Learn how to spot bad test data whether from manufacturers or from your own measurements
Reviewer’s Agree
Power Integrity is a Must-Own Book for Power Supply and
PDN Designers

"His practical techniques in test and attention to details regarding pitfalls and guidance in correct and accurate methods are a sure path to success for engineers to ‘do it right’."

"For those of you who design and verify spacecraft subsystems and test satellite hardware, the book will serve as a useful reference…"

"I suspect that for engineers reading this book, there may be many surprises, as they discover the breadth of methods described by the author"

"I wish labs in universities would follow Sandler’s book…"

"…Sandler focuses upon the fact that power supply performance is so very much critical to every electronic design system in the industry."

" This book would be sitting on my shelf as a designer years ago if it were available back then."

"For those of you who design and verify power supplies, I would highly recommend Steve's new book to ensure your designs are built and characterized correctly."

"…Sandler focuses upon the best practices that he and his colleagues have used as 'tried and true' methods to correctly represent the (PDN) performance of a circuit in an actual environment in which it will be used"
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  • Our full-time team of top engineers with focused backgrounds in reliability, design, WCCA, and test has all the required core competencies to perform with great efficiency.
  • We have a significant number of SPICE models already made. We have Parts Variability Databases. We have Radiation Data. Even if you have in-house resources, dealing with models and tolerances can take a significant amount of time. AEi Systems puts the money and time savings in your pocket as we do not charge extra for this valuable IP
  • Analysis is all we do; Keep your in-house designers doing what they do best.

Faster than in-house resources - ready to go

  • Our proprietary software tools, library of proven SPICE models, and our 20 years of analytical engineering experience keep your team ahead of schedule
  • No bias - We introduce "checks and balances" to your design process/SDRLs

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