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Linear Technology teams with AEi Systems to
offer WCCA and SPICE Models

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AEi Systems and Linear Technology have teamed up to provide you with SPICE models and Worst Case Circuit Analysis support for Linear Technology’s line of Rad-Hard power products.

AEi Systems has developed and maintains a database of SPICE models and performance data necessary to perform worst case analysis of Linear Technology’s rad-hard products, as well as hybrids from M.S. Kennedy and Aeroflex, such as the popular MSK59xx and MSK58xx series or the VRGxxxx series of linear regulators. AEi Systems provides customers (both prospective and current) with nominal SPICE models of RH/MSK/VRG products, at no charge, via AEi Systems’ website. For a list of the available models and sample WCCAs, click here.

It is essential to analyze linear regulators for end-of-life stability, ripple rejection, dynamic step load response, and proper startup operation. SPICE models are essential in this regard. Most guidelines require EOL stability margins (30 deg/10dB). So whether you are currently using these parts, or trying to decide how you can take advantage of these high performance regulators, please check out the application notes, models and other information.

Stay tuned—in the next AEi Systems newsletter we will discuss why WCCA is essential for regulators, what a complete WCCA should include, and how issues and non-compliances are often easily resolved.

Linear Technology teams with AEi Systems to offer WCCA and SPICE Modeling for LT's line of Rad-Hard Space Components

AEi Systems Completes WCCA of GPSIII Rubidium Atomic Clock for PerkinElmer/Excelitas

AEi makes major breakthrough on Signal Integrity Analysis far surpassing the speed of current solutions

Why do a Worst Case Analysis?
If you have ever wondered why you need to do a WCCA, this paper will outline the rationale and cost saving upsides

This Month’s Technical Article
Simple Method to Determine Linear Regulator ESR Requirements

AEi Systems offers a full range of Analog Engineering Services. We have a hard-earned reputation for delivering ahead of schedule, being under budget and meeting all specifications.

We work with you, interactively, keeping you in the loop as the analysis proceeds and offering design fixes where appropriate. That way, issues are fixed in a timely fashion, saving you schedule and money, allowing you to more efficiently deploy your precious design resources.

AEi Systems Services:
Worst Case Circuit Analysis for Power, RF, Linear and Digital Systems
• Electrical SDRLs: MTBF/Reliability, FMECA, Stress & Derating, and Radiation Analysis
Signal Integrity Analysis: At least 10x faster than your in-house process!
• Hardware/Failure Analysis & Troubleshooting
SPICE Modeling

AEi Systems achieves results:
• We have brought together top engineers with focused backgrounds in reliability, design and test
• We dig deeper to get it right, because we believe it's simply unacceptable to be complacent
• We believe in making sure things work in tough places for a long time

AEi Systems is a unique resource:
• We do it faster, better and at a lower cost than in-house resources
• We help our customers meet their deadlines, yet we never sacrifice thoroughness

We help our customers achieve GREAT results, providing LONG-TERM benefits to their product lines.

How can we help you? Contact us for more specific information or a no-obligation quotation.

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