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“The pre-WCCA design review is one of AEi Systems most valuable services.”

AEi Systems performs a unique pre-WCCA design review service. Our experienced ‘grey-beard’ experts look at your design with a worst case ‘eye’. This enables us to see, before the WCCA is started, where you are likely to have findings.

The review identifies design issues and possible non-compliances that would likely arise during the execution of a worst case circuit analysis. We eliminate design issues and highlights WCCA findings early on so they can be fixed with there is time, saving you budget and schedule.

  • Find WCCA Non-Compliance BEFORE the formal analysis process
  • Reduce Board Spins
  • Vet bad reference design recommendations
  • Save money on analysis and test

To see what the review produces and its many benefits, click here.


  • Hard to see End-of-Life, Temperature, and Tolerance Stack-up issues
  • Power Supply issues
  • Regulator Violations and Power Integrity issues
  • Opamp Violations: Stability, Common-Mode
  • Bad SPICE Models
  • Relay Usage and Cross-Strapping Violations
  • Stability Issues
  • Incorrect Decoupling
  • Inadequate Interfaces: PCI, LVDS, Board-Board
  • Logic Compatibility, Terminations
  • Power Sequencing Violations
  • Layout and PCB Rule Violations
  • Filter Q Violations
  • Over-Stress Conditions, Transient, DC, and switching, pulse resistors, FETs, IC Violations


Power Integrity Analysis

AEi Systems performs Power Integrity analysis. If you have questions, or need to perform this critical analysis, please contact us at 310-216-1144 or We have the expertise, resources, and tools.

Good power integrity is required to assure that the appropriate power is delivered to high speed devices, such as FPGAs and DDR memory, as well as SERDES transceivers and data clocks, just to name a few.

Sample Power Integrity Reports
Worst Case PDN Analysis of an RTAX2000 Power Rail Worst Case Impedance Analysis of RH3845 and RHFL4913 Power Rails


How WCCA Saves Money and Schedule

“The Case for Worst Case”

There are many reasons to do worst case circuit analysis, apart from the obvious reliability improvement, or the fact that an analysis is simply a contractual requirement. All of them save money and schedule by helping to reduce design iterations, board spins, and other production missteps that contribute to cost overruns.

This article discusses the many ways in which WCCA saves money and schedule.


New SPICE Library for Automotive EMC/ESD Transient Sources and Loads 

Attention WCCA Analysts – AEi Systems has released PSpice Model support for Ford’s FMC1278 Transient EMC sources, signal generators, and loads.

The models are included as part of the latest “Power IC Model Library for PSpice”, v4.3. Owners of the library will receive the models as part of their maintenance.

  • A PSpice model library for FMC1278 EMC Transient and ESD Sources and Loads is now available
  • Models are included for CI 210, CI 211, CI220, CI222, CI230, CI 250, CI 260, CI 280
  • Includes Pulses A1, A2, C1, C2 and Modes
  • Immunity, load dump, double battery, power cycling, voltage offset, voltage dropout, and ESD simulation
  • Other SPICE syntaxes are available. Please inquire for pricing

See the Power IC Model Library page, Power Library Brochure, and Version 4.3 News Release for more information and complete list of models in the library.


Power Integrity Analysis

Without analysis, multiple board spins may be necessary in order to assess and address impedance resonances and PDN issue.

  • Rules of Thumb are insufficient
  • Part Tolerances DRAMATICALLY impact PDN Impedance Resonances
  • Test is expensive and often impractical - Especially if there is no hardware
  • Test alone doesn’t find Power Integrity Problems

The space community and both power IC and high speed digital parts suppliers have been slow to recognize the importance and ramifications of this critical area of design technology, its implementation, and its assessment, often extracting a huge price on system performance and system reliability. To find out more about what AEi Systems can do for you please go to

  • PDN ANALYSIS, Simulation and Testing Expertise and Support
  • VRM and Decoupling Measurement, MODELING, and Optimization
  • TAGET IMPEDANCE Assessment
  • Support for ADS and Mentor Tools and Flows
  • Support for TESTING using state of the art Instruments and Probes

    Less expensive and more cost effective than in-house resources  
  • Our full-time team of top engineers with focused backgrounds in reliability, design, WCCA, and test has all the required core competencies to perform with great efficiency.
  • We have a significant number of SPICE models already made. We have Parts Variability Databases. We have Radiation Data. Even if you have in-house resources, dealing with models and tolerances can take a significant amount of time. AEi Systems puts the money and time savings in your pocket as we do not charge extra for this valuable IP.
  • Analysis is all we do; Keep your in-house designers doing what they do best. All our bids are Fixed Firm!

    Faster than in-house resources - ready to go 
  • Our proprietary software tools, library of proven SPICE models, and our 20 years of analytical engineering experience keep your team ahead of schedule
  • No bias - We introduce "checks and balances" to your design process/SDRLs

How can we help you?  Contact us for more specific information or a no-obligation quotation.


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