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Why hire a plumber? There are reasons why experts train for years and their experience and tools are so valuable. It enables them to solve problems more quickly and accurately and see the solutions early on. In the end, it’s more cost effective and less time consuming. That’s why we hire plumbers. The same is true for circuit analysis.

Analysis is critical to product performance, quality, and reliability. There are many reasons to perform it. You know you need to do more analysis but there's never enough time, money, resources, or schedule. Let AEi Systems solve your analysis problems.

We have a hard-earned reputation for delivering ahead of schedule, being under budget, and meeting all specifications. Our analysis has been called “The Gold Standard” by Aerospace Corporation, Lockheed-Martin, Honeywell, and many others.

Don’t take critical analysis for granted. Hire the plumber. Because you want the analysis done quickly and correctly the first time. Because you care about the results, about budget, and about schedule. Because your customers do. Find Out More Here with our Introduction to WCCA presentation.


It can be challenging to translate PSpice behavior syntax to other SPICE syntaxes. This document give some examples on how to translate various If-Then-Else expressions between simulators.
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AEi Systems Releases Full Suite of Aeroflex Linear Regulator SPICE Models, New RH1185/RH137 Models. The models are available without charge on AEi Systems’ web site. Models are available for the VRG Regulators covering the RH117, RH137, RH1084, RH1086, RH1185, RH3080 and others.
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By its very nature, a voltage reference is quite susceptible to control loop issues. Despite this susceptibility, many voltage reference manufacturers recommend the use of an output capacitor. Find out why its not always a good idea to follow recommendations.
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Measuring, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Power-Related Parameters in Electronics Systems by Steve Sandler, Chief Engineer of AEi Systems
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The ability to maintain stable control loop performance is important in achieving high performance in circuits in point-of-load regulators, voltage references, op-amps, and other electronic circuits.
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What do clock jitter, EMI, control loop stability, SPICE modeling, rogue waves and the ripeness of fruit have in common?
Seminar: Impedance Measurement And Relating It To Control Loop Stability
Paper: Target Impedance Limitations And Rogue Wave Assessments On Pdn Performance
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